Reykjavik – The City Next Door to Nature

Reykjavik, the capital city, is uniquely connected to nature. A salmon river runs through the city. Whale-watching boats sail from the harbor in the heart of Reykjavik. Adventure rides on glaciers are two hours away, and a few hour tour can include exploration of amazing geysers, waterfalls, black beaches, and hot spring bathing. Rightfully called the land of ice and fire, the breathtaking landscape is still being formed by the powerful forces of nature.

For those who enjoy adventure, history, nature, and culinary delights – even all in a day or two – Iceland has been described as the meetings- and incentive planner´s paradise. Expansive open spaces, towering mountains, deep gorges, and magnificent glaciers are open for exploration and enjoyment.

Reykjavik has a small-scale urban center that attendees find easy to navigate. The hassle-free city center is safe, clean, and packed with restaurants, shopping, culture, and vibrant nightlife.  Iceland’s high level of education, technological expertise, flourishing start-up culture, and magical nature make the destination a perfect backdrop for international meetings and first-class events. It only takes around 40 minutes to reach the city center from the airport.

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