Reykjavík competing to host the World Out Games

The World Outgames festival is organized by GLISA (Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association) and is open to all irrespective of sexual orientation. The festival centres on three pillars, i.e. sports, culture and human rights. The festival is held every four years and lasts ten days. In all it attracts between 10.000 and 20.000 participants.

Reykjavik applied to host the games in 2017 along with 18 other cities. The number was then reduced to five: Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Denver and Reykjavik. After further evaluation GLISA decided that discussions should only continue with Reykjavik and Miami. GLISA representatives visited Iceland over the period 25th to 28th of Jan. to evaluate facilities. Representatives from Reykjavik city will then travel to Antwerp on the 28th of Feb. for a further presentation and that same evening the successful location will be announced.

Go Reykjavík !