Greenland is the last unspoiled country in Europe. This huge island, which is 80% covered with ice, offers some of the most magnificent landscape in the world. In the deep fjords surrounded by high mountains, you can sail among floating icebergs of all shapes and sizes on your way to visit the colourful Inuit villages and their friendly inhabitants.You really feel privileged to be able to experience such rugged and unspoiled nature and wildlife, on your visit you might run into polar bears, walruses and narwhales.

The short distance between Iceland and Greenland make it easy for groups to go on a day trip to Greenland as a part of their incentive trip to Iceland.

All of our trips to Greenland are tailor-made for each group, based on preferences and travel time. For further information or a quote, please send us an e-mail.

Inuite in Greenland        Sled dogs in GreenlandIceberg in Greenland