Whale watching

Whale watching tours are scheduled daily from the old harbour in Reykjavik from beginning of April through October. The various types of whales commonly sighted include minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises and the popular humpback whales. We will be accompanied by sea birds such as gannets, puffins, guillemots, cormorants, gulls, kittiwakes, arctic terns, and many more. The trip take us past several islands inhabited by colonies of puffin – a great photo opportunity!

Departure is from the old harbour in Reykjavik from the pier Ægisgarður, which is located down of Ægisgata. There are no two whale watching trips alike, therefore, we have to be flexible and line the trips up regarding conditions, weather and sightings. It is different how far we have to go, but we rarely have to go further than 45 min from the harbour.

Humpback whale    Whale watching boat    Dolphins