River rafting

We head straight east out of the city. Our destination is Hvítá river (the name means “white river”), a glacier river which is the third longest river in Iceland. On the way to the river we pass the towns of Hveragerdi and Selfoss, which are the most populated towns in S-Iceland.

The Hvítá river is a beautiful and fun river about an hour’s drive from Reykjavík. When we arrive at Drumbo, which is the Base Camp for the rafting, we are met by the river guides. They help us to gear up in wet-suits and put on helmets, before they go through the instructions how to maneuver ourselves and the boats on the river. After that we hit the river.

With a perfectly balanced mix of serene canyons and adrenaline pumping waves and rapids, rafting the Hvítá (pronounced: Kveetau) is guaranteed to leave you with fond memories. We raft a seven kilometer stretch of the river and in Brúarhlöð canyon the rafters get to jump from a cliff into the river. This is a chance to have a unique trip where you can enjoy the majestic nature and at the same time tackle it! If the group is large enough to be operated in several boats, then we can have a race down parts of the river or fighting between boats which often ends with the words – “Man overboard!”.

All rafting rides are operated according to the highest safety standards with experienced guides leading your boat down the river.

For river activities, we recommend warm clothes, such as fleece sweaters, thermal underwear and either waterproof shoes or shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. All buoyancy wet suits and helmets are provided .

Remember to bring along extra clothing and a towel, as you will surely get wet in the river.

The whole adventure takes approx. 2,5 – 3 hours with 1,5 hours on the river