There are a few outstanding diving places in Iceland. Two of the best ones are Silfra rift at Thingvellir and Lake Kleifarvatn. Silfra is on the top 10 list of best diving places in the world.

Silfra rift at Lake Thingvellir – Dive between the continents

The SILFRA Rift is an absolute world class dive site due to two main reasons. First of all you will be diving in a crack between the American and Eurasian continents. It’s the place where the continental plates meet and drift apart about 2cm per year. Secondly the visibility that you will experience will rarely be surpassed, if ever. 100m+! The reasons for this clarity are twofold: the water is cold ( 2°C – 4°C all year ) since it’s the melting water from a glacier about 50km away and has traveled through the lava fields for many years before coming out at the north end of Thingvellir lake through underground wells.

The Silfra water is as pristine as water can get and you can drink it at anytime during the dives. The National Park Thingvellir has been declared a WORLD HERITAGE SITE by UNESCO, both for its cultural & historical significance as well as natural & geological uniqueness.

Your dive guide will lead the dive and take photos and videos. If you are interested you can purchase a DVD of the videos and high resolution photos after the tour.

Diving in Silfra     Diving in the Silfra rift     Two divers in the Silfra rift

Lake Kleifarvatn – Geothermal dive tour

This tour to the underwater hot springs in the lake Kleifarvatn is a truly amazing and unique experience for scuba divers. We also call this tour the “Geothermal Dive Tour” because we will visit geothermal hot spring areas both underwater and on land. The underwater hot springs have just recently been discovered and the dive site is just a 100m swim away from the beach of the lake. The landscape is stunning, only 30 minutes out of Reykjavik and one can experience complete silence in the most beautiful surroundings. In order to get to the dive site we will have to take our 4×4 dive bus, since only rugged tire tracks lead to the site in the middle of nowhere. Close to the beach we park the dive bus and walk down to the water to give you a briefing on this geologically unique dive site. If the wind direction is right, we can already smell our hot springs. We put on our gear and walk to the entry point. When walking into the water to put on fins and mask one can already see the white and yellow sulfur deposits on the lake floor and the gas bubbles come up in between. In the center area of the hot springs is a hole in the lake floor where a lot of water and gases come up. When diving into this hole, one has the feeling of diving into an earthquake because the air bubbles coming out of the ground create pressure that lets the rocks vibrate. Divers can feel these vibrations deep into their bones. A very special experience!

Diving in Lake Kleifarvatn     Underwater hotsprings     Diving in Iceland